The nursing model of care was developed by St. John’s nurses based on the theory of transcultural nursing (Madeleine Leininger), which focuses on the differences and similarities of the beliefs and values of cultures in order to provide appropriate and beneficial health care to people.

The nursing model of care gives nurses the responsibility and authority for the provision of patient care. It identifies nurses as being accountable for their own practice and coordinators of the care they provide. It also identifies the components and aspects of nursing that are significant to the nurses and the organization, which are:

  • The patient and patient’s family
  • Cultural diversity and sensitivity
  • Respect, safety, privacy
  • Caring environment
  • Effective communication
  • Collegiality and teamwork
  • Quality patient care
  • Shared Governance
  • Education and research, including evidence based practice
  • Nursing expertise, knowledge and skills

Taking into account the enormous cultural diversity of St. John’s patient population, the provision of care must be, and is, provided within a holistic and culturally responsive model.

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