Kaithiri Stall

Kaithiri Stall

Kaithiri, a service started by Bro. Prakash Madappally, is an attempt, following the example of St. John of God, to light at least a small candle, instead of cursing the darkness around us.


It was started at Kattappana in 1975, within theSt. John’sHospitalcampus for the welfare of the poor children. The first activity was tuition classes for children which also aimed at their character formation. From the many children who attended the classes a monthly fee of Rs. 5/- was collected which in turn was used to help very poor children.

Another effort was to provide children with notebooks, pens, etc. at the lowest cost I possible. Years later children put stalls during parish fests and the small profit was used for helping the poor. For many years a stall functioned on hospital roadside until a room was made available in the hospital building itself.

With the help of Bro. Pietro Belloni ofItalywho visited Kattappana, Kaithiri was able to acquire more facilities.

Kaithiri is engaged in the following services.

1. Kaithiri Stall. Here many necessary things, including school articles needed for children, are sold involving children, at the lowest price possible. By this they are trained in calculations, good manners, etc.

2. Tuition Classes. Students who participate in tuition classes are provided with things needed for studies.

3.NurseryGarden. In the flower and vegetable garden prepared and maintained by the students seeds and seedlings are made available.

4. Leaflets. Leaflets against such social evils as suicide, abortion, AIDS, and intoxicants, and life guidance messages are prepared and distributed.

Children are engaged in activities that promote a mentality of unity, sharing and friendship. Many persons who attended classes and received training from Kaithiri bear witness to the great help they received.

We remember and thank all those who contributed to the growth of Kaithiri to its present status.