Information Technology

Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology in St. John’s Hospital has latest technologies to manage and maintain the systems with professional and quality services in the health care delivery system. IT Department provides support for the use and development of information and communications technologies to facilitate and expedite the patient services.

St. John’s Hospital has a comprehensive and complex IT infrastructure, which includes a fleet of approximately 120 systems. Extensive local area networks (LAN) across each of the floors, Staff in the Technology and Operations team are technically trained and experienced to provide support and administration for this infrastructure. As new applications are implemented or existing applications upgraded IT provides training services to meet the needs of all staff with round the clock IT team presence.

Various integrated Modules involved in IT enabled patient services like:

  • Front Office
  • Administration
  • Out patient Management
  • In Patient Management
  • Ward Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Financial Accounting & Billing
  • CR & Pacs Management
  • Lab management
  • Central Stores Management
  • Equipment Management

Other Services