Laboratory department is perhaps one of the most important departments as it is here where disease gets diagnosed. All the other departments avail the service of Laboratory. Histopathology, Cytology, Blood Bank, Biochemistry, Haematology and Microbiology are the divisions functioning in the department.


Histopathology: Full fledged department with an annual turnover of nearly 5000 specimens including referrals from other hospitals also 

Cytology : All cytological investigations including nearly 2000 FNAC done per year.

Blood Bank : One of the oldest licensed blood banks in the state, with an annual turnover of about 2500 pints per year

Biochemistry : Equipped with sophisticated instruments like

Autoanalyser – Hitachi 4020, ACS 180 – Automated chemiluminescence system for hormone and drug assay, brio – fully automated ELISA system for serological investigations. Abbot Quantom, Blood Gas Analyser and ISE electolyte analyzer, Electrophoresis apparatus.

Clinical Pathology and Haematology : Blood and bone marrow studies done equipped with automated blood cell counters – Sysmex k-4500, sysmex KX21 and ABX minod 60

Microbiology : All Routine Cultures including AFB and Fungal cultures done. Bactalert 3D – for automatic rapid culture.


  • Auto Analyser – 2 nos ( HITACHI 904, 902)
  • Electrolyte Analyser – 3 nos (ECS 2000, CHIRON, ELYTE)
  • Blood Gas Analyser – 2 nos GEM Premier, CHIRON
  • Radio Immuno Assy – Johnson & Johnson ECI system, Roche ELECSYS 2010
  • Elisa Processor – Johnson & Johnson BRIO
  • Hematology couter – 3 nos (SYSMEX KX 21, K4 500, ABX MICROSEO)
  • Bact Alert Machine (Automatic blood culture system)
  • Automatic Tissue Processor – LEICA
  • Automatic Electrophoresis System
  • HbA1c System – BIORAD
  • Blood Collection Monitor – PENPOL
  • Blood Bag Sealing Machine – PENPOL
  • Blood Bank Refrigerator – REMI
  • Automatic Coagulation System – SYSMEX

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